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Flexible Heating Tapes

Flexible Heating Tapes

Nicropad industries provide highly flexible heating tapes as an economical and flexible way of controlling temperatures across various industrial processes, offering precise temperature regulation across many applications. Their tapes can easily be wrapped around pipelines, valves, flanges columns, or irregularly-shaped equipment to elevate and sustain temperatures that measure 25mm up to 75mm wide. At the same time, lengths span from one meter up to 10 meters for even the toughest heating applications.

Nicropad industries heating tapes feature nichrome wire elements paired with either fiberglass fabric for temperatures up to 350°C or quartz fabric for applications reaching 800 °C. They meet strict safety and performance standards by restricting maximum wattage per meter with an AC supply of 230V/1Ph/1Ph-1Ph and one phase power source (230V/1Ph/AC supply).

Nicropad industries also offers waterproof heating tapes that can withstand moisture up to an operating temperature of 180 °C for effective operation.

Versatility Unlocked: Applications and Benefits

Nicropad industries flexible heating tapes have been specifically developed to address an array of applications and offer numerous key benefits:

Temperature Control Excellence: These heating tapes offer precision temperature regulation to maintain contents within pipelines, valves and equipment at their target temperatures.

Nicropad industries Heating Tapes Are Flexible Enough for Any Surface: Nicropad industries flexible heating tapes can conform seamlessly around irregularly shaped equipment for even heat distribution and uniform heat output.

Nicropad industries Tape Comes in Multiple Widths and Lengths: For your convenience, Nicropad industries offers multiple widths and lengths of tape so customers can select their ideal dimensions based on individual needs.

Temperature Range: Due to their ability to withstand temperatures up to 800degC, heating tapes are suitable for use across various processes involving moderate and high-temperature processes.

Nicropad industries offers waterproof heating tapes as a reliable option that can withstand damp environments without impacting performance or reliability.

Applications in Industries across Various Sectors

Nicropad industries heating tapes find applications across numerous industrial fields, including but not limited to:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Oil and Gas Industry

Nicropad industries heating tapes offer reliable solutions for protecting critical pipelines against freezing temperatures, maintaining consistent viscosity in food processing or maintaining precise temperatures during chemical reactions.

Length : 1 Metre 2 Metres 3 Metres 4 Metres 5 Metres 10 Metres
25mm Width 200 watts 400 watts 600 watts 800 watts 1000 watts 2000 watts
50mm Width 400 watts 800 watts 1200 watts 1600 watts 2000 watts 4000 watts
75mm Width 600 watts 1200 watts 1800 watts 2400 watts 3000 watts 3600 watts
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