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Electrical Heat Tracing System

Nicropad industries provides extensive, flexible electrical heat tracer services, including design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of these highly flexible heat tracers for fluid transport pipelines to maintain optimal temperatures while guaranteeing smooth fluid flow. They feature exceptionally flexible cables designed to wrap quickly around viscous liquid pipelines, ensuring smooth fluidity in transport processes.

Heat tracers can maintain temperatures from -60 °C to +250 °C and are resistant to moisture and chemicals – perfect for outdoor use! Their wide array of applications includes Bitumen, Menthol, Chemicals, Wax Paints, Glucose Edible oils, etc.

Our heat tracers come in various models:

Constant Wattage Series Resistance Heat Tracer: These fixed-length heat tracers range from two to 25 meters, come with connecting leads at one end, and feature a 3/4″ gland to connect directly to a junction box. As these factory-terminated tracers should not be cut midstream.

Constant Wattage Parallel Resistance Electrical Heat Tracer:

Available in lengths up to 100 and 200 meters, these flexible heat tracers can be cut depending on site conditions and are equipped with double compressor 3/4″ gland and end seal sealing mechanisms on either end for easy handling.

Self-Regulating Heat Tracers: These units feature self-regulating and self-limiting capabilities to maintain constant temperatures with variable output levels.

At Wattage Solutions, we provide an assortment of wattages, including 12W, 16W, 25W, 33W and 45W per meter designed to work with an AC voltage supply of 230V; 1 phase; AC supply system is supported, and all designs adhere to BS6351 standards.

Nicropad industries prides itself in offering turnkey solutions, from design through supply, installation, and commissioning of heat tracers, control systems, insulation, pre-heaters, filters, storage tank
heating systems (incorporating immersion heaters and outflow heaters) and more.

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