Flexible Heating Pads for Power Saving

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Flexible Heating Pads for Power Saving

Nicropad industries recognizes the ever-evolving nature of industrial operations, so energy efficiency remains at the top of their priorities. Their highly flexible heating pads can easily be affixed to machinery barrels without leaving air gaps between them. What sets these pads apart from others is their exceptional insulation, which transfers heat efficiently across barrels compared to traditional band or ceramic heaters and requires significantly less wattage (30-50% less) than traditional band heaters or ceramic heaters for creating heat quickly.

Nicropad industries heating pads are meticulously handcrafted with nichrome wire elements insulated by high silica yarn for electrical isolation, then enclosed between two layers of high silica cloth to form 50mm thick insulation pads containing two 50mm layers of ceramic wool that have been embedded within two 50mm layers of high silica cloth encasing two 50mm layers. Finally, an outer cover made out of mechanically robust fabric completes this structure for enhanced durability.

Nicropad industries heating pads are convenient with their 30cm long cold leads for power supply, eyelets and lacing arrangements, all carefully tailored to customer preferences. Operating voltage options range from 230V to 440V or any other customized voltage specification appropriate for their usage.

Design Features that Redefine Efficiency

Nicropad industries heating pads feature cutting-edge designs with innovative features to maximize efficiency while revolutionizing how energy is consumed:

  1. Lowers Connecting Load by Up to 50%:

Nicropad industries heating pads feature an ingenious design that greatly decreases their connecting load, relieving stress from electrical systems and cutting operational costs significantly.

  1. Reduces Energy Consumption Up to 30%:

Nicropad industries heating pads contribute to substantial cost-efficiency and environmental reduction by using less power for their heat generation, leading to substantial power savings resulting in cost-savings and less environmental footprint.

  1. Reduces Generator Load:

Lower power consumption equals decreased generator demand, improving operational stability and cost-efficiency.

  1. Offers Even Heating:

Nicropad industries heating pads deliver uniform and consistent heating for various industrial applications, guaranteeing quality assurance and product reliability.

  1. Creates an Enjoyable Atmosphere:

Heating efficiency benefits machinery and contributes to creating an ideal working environment and increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.

  1. Investment Return Within Three Months:

Nicropad industries heating pads offer significant cost-cutting potential that can quickly lead to an impressive return on investment, often recovering their investment within three months.

  1. Guaranteed Heater Performance:

Nicropad industries stands behind its heaters’ performance with an extensive guarantee to ensure long-term and reliable use.

Applications Across Industries

Nicropad industries heating pads find applications across industries, including:

  • Reduces connecting load upto 50%
  • Saves power consumption upto 30%
  • Reduces load on generator
  • Provides uniform heating
  • Keeps the atmosphere pleasant
  • Investment recovery within 3 months
  • Guarantee on heater

Heating Pads Used in Production of LLDPE Films and Bags These heating pads can be found on various extruder types to achieve savings dependent on factors like size, capacity and raw materials used; on average, Nicropad industries’ heating pads typically save 40-100 units of electricity over 24 hour cycle period.

Injection Moulding Machine Capacity Savings Of Power in 24HRS
100 gms Machine 20 to 25
200 gms Machine 30 to 35
400 gms Machine 45 to 50
600 gms Machine 55 to 60
1 kg. to 5 kg. Machine 65 to 90
Reprocessing machine 70 to 200 units
Upto 25 kg 90 to 100
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