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25 years of experience

About us

Delivering Quality Heating Solutions

Nicropad Industries established in 1994 understands clients’ needs and provides premium custom products and services at highly cost-effective rates, guaranteeing consistent heating while being environmentally friendly and hassle-free. We continuously upgrade our technology to deliver outstanding products and services for our clients.

At our industrial heating systems division, we design, produce, supply, install, and commission a diverse selection of industrial heating systems that are exceptionally flexible to suit the requirements of equipment where heating or temperature maintenance may be needed. These products include industrial flexible surface heating pads for equipment’s, storage tanks, reaction kettles, vessels, valves etc., to raise and maintain the temperature of contents, Electrical surface heat tracing systems to maintain the temperature of fuel oils, edible oils, chemicals etc., in tanks and pipelines, Electric outflow heaters for storage and service tanks, drum heaters , turnkey projects of oil handling systems etc.

Unforgettable Experience

Nicropad Industries is a company that provides solutions to industry for uniform heating with energy efficient and green environment systems.

A Huge Number of Employee

Nicropad Industries provides perfect design, suitable system and after sales service in industrial heating systems.

Trust us for all your heating needs.

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About Indofact Industry

Our Services & Solutions


Our engineering team develops tailor-made products and services according to client’s specifications.


We firmly believe that distinction can be achieved through consistent effort and are proud to have established robust manufacturing units to support this.


We supply products to locations all over India and around the world. Our delivery network spans the globe, ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently.


We ensure that the installation of our all products is performed successfully as part of our Service.

Commissioning The System

We offer extensive offerings throughout the commissioning process of your systems. Our support extends until the successful completion of commissioning.

After Sales Service

We are fully committed to providing maintenance-free products and we firmly believe in strengthening client relationships through our exceptional after-sales services.

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Our Success Stories

Nicropads Success Stories showcase innovations in power and engineering, including electrical heat tracing, fuel oil handling systems, and surface heating pads etc.

Projects Completed

We have completed more than 2000 projects in our industries.

Successful Projects

We have successfully installed more than 550 projects over India and around the world.

Happy Clients

Nicropads industries have more than 2000 Happy Clients over India and around the world.

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